Making an Impact in your Organisation

How can you make an impact in your organisation? How productive you are on a daily basis impacts your business? Remember, your behaviour can influence people at work in a positive or negative way. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference to the overall success of a business. Everyone in an organisation performs a role in producing the overall results. In the same way, each member can work on improving their impact on their company. Your impact is tied to the way you influence others. Your ability to influence others effectively produces a greater result on the organisation. Here are several steps to make a positive impact in your organisation:

Have a positive attitude – This is your starting point, being positive will show your passion and love for your work and inspire people. It attracts the attention of others, and people will prefer to work with you. Build the habit of looking for solutions no matter how challenging the situation is.  It also reduces stress and builds a more conducive working environment.

Build Relationships – possessing a positive attitude, will make it easier to start building relationships with others. It is a strategic process of engaging people that is important in the execution of your responsibilities as well as working as a team. Personalise the relationship by going out of your way to talk and interact with people. You may start building relationships by showing others that you are always ready to help.

Be Trustworthy – it is important that trust should be part of any working relationship. It builds competence, credibility, and reliability. Make sure you deliver high-quality work. People earn trust,  so you have to start building an authentic and reliable relationship with them. One way to keep this is to make sure that you are true to your word. When you say that you will meet the deadline, then do so. Making an impact equates to genuine trustworthiness and authenticity.

Be a trailblazer – be in the front line by initiating new ideas. Be proactive and introduce fresh and unique ideas. You may start spearheading an initiative that will produce growth and positive results that will also be beneficial to the organisation. Persuade others that it is possible to accomplish initiatives that will bear fruitful outcomes. Unleash that leader in you.

Commit to Self- Development – always be open to opportunities to learn new things. Be a continuous learner. Know that we can impact others if we are committed to always improve and learn. As we learn, we can impart and teach our knowledge to others and help them develop and grow. It is like giving a part of yourself that can support people to improve.

Go the extra mile – Do more than what is anticipated or required of you. Strive for excellence and take the initiative to assist or accomplish tasks that are not expected of you. Be proactive. Improvement starts by you wanting to do more. As you make that special effort to perform your tasks you will learn more. Do not settle for mediocrity, strive for excellence.

Be a Leader – delegate responsibilities by defining the role explicitly. Trust your team members by setting them up for success. Lead by serving others and think of their continuous development. Make an impact by promoting teamwork and leading effectively.

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