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Immersive workshops, masterclasses and programs to help leaders educate
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Thriving Matters

Magazine for Global Leaders!

A Digital Magazine for Global Leaders in education. 

Sharing the wonderful insights, stories and guidance from these amazing experts in education. Get your FREE copy of our first ISSUE now! 

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Leadership Coaching

Up-skill Your Leadership

Working with Carrie will step up your leadership skills, whether it’s working with just yourself or with a group at your organisation. Find out how Carrie can open your mind and heart to be the leader your were born to be!

Leadership MasterClass

Be a Global Leader

Carrie Benedet launched the Global Leaders Thrive’ Program in 2021,  where 24 Presenters from 8 Countries shared their leadership secrets to culture, business and education. These masterclasses are now available to the public!

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Leadership Quiz

What type of Leader are you?

Carrie has designed this quiz to help you ask that first question of ‘what type of leader are you!’ Of course this is the beginning of any leadership journey, but a great start….enjoy!