Global Matters Book

‘Global Matters’ Book is an anthology – we have 12 chapters from leaders influencing the future of Culture, Business and Education.
Chapter 1
The Power of Networking
by Kingsley Aikins
Chapter 2
Give me Your Hand – Let’s Take the Journey Together
Carrie Benedet
Chapter 3
Discovering Inner Wisdom: A journey from Chaos to Clarity
by Sahan Dharmatilleke
Chapter 4
Unlocking Our Children’s Uniqueness
by Alex Blake
Chapter 5
The Need for NLP in an AI World
by Sonya Furlong
Chapter 6
Mental Health is a Matter of Global Importance
by Kerry Howard
Chapter 7
The Power of Self-Care
by Vicky Jamieson
Chapter 8
The Path of Fearless Leadership
by Margaret MacDonald
Chapter 9
The World Doesn’t Stand Still, Neither Should You!
by Ben Newsome
Chapter 10
Keep Moving Forward
by Debbie Small
Chapter 11
Reimagining an Inclusive Future
by Gloria Tabi
Chapter 12
Inclusive, Curious, Connected – Building a Culture to Thrive
by Annamaria Zuffo