Are You Leading Wisely During These Times of Hardship?


How do you think you’re doing as a leader and are you leading wisely?

Exceptional leadership looks easy when things are going well, and everybody’s happy. However, when times become tough,a leader’s true colours will show.

But what about when there are just some rough patches? It is important to remember that every business, big and small, has and will weather some difficult times. And the question is, are you leading your team wisely during these difficult times?

With the threat of Covid-19, many companies are facing difficulties. It has negatively impacted a lot of businesses all over the world. It wouldn’t be a surprise if your company and your team have been greatly impacted by it, too.

Have you checked on your team lately? As a leader, it is your task to lift your people’s spirits and push them to get back on track if needed. I know it isn’t an easy task. It is hard to be and see the positive when everything seems to be dark. However, it is the best time to show your leadership skills to get your people’s commitment and confidence so everyone can weather the storm together.

There is no perfect leadership style, but developing skills when everything’s running smoothly will help you react competently when it’s time to face the battle.

Here are some smart ways on leading wisely during these times of hardship.

  1. Communicate with your people transparently.

During difficult times, communication – good or bad news– plays a vital role in how a team reacts and respond. Tell them what is happening. They have to know and they should hear it from you and their leader. While telling them what’s going on, show confidence and a positive stance. If you show them that you are panicking, they will start to do so. But if you will show them positivity and confidence, they will trust your leadership.

  1. Be open for feedback.

Things happen, and the unexpected will happen again in the future. While your people are working remotely, they have more time to think of the “what could haves” and the “what ifs”. Be open and listen to what your team members have to say. It can be tempting to fix everything on your own, but remember that you have talented and skilled people in your team. Be prepared to hear tough and different perspectives and to move forward to find the best and most suitable solution. This way, the whole team will be looped in, will feel valued, and hear how their ideas and strategies have been implemented to face the rough times.

  1. Share your vision for the future.

To start leading wisely, you must define a clear vision for you and your team. This includes a structured short-term and long-term goals, which are suited for everyone. If the vision is communicated and modified when needed, everyone will follow suit. Make sure to mention how the organisation and the team will move forward to be able to clear the clouds and calm the storm.

  1. Celebrate wins –big and small.

It can be easy to dwell on negativities when an organisation or a team is going through difficult times. But this would result in low morale of the people. How can we pivot this situation into something positive? Remember to celebrate big and small wins of your people to keep the morale high and to remind them that they are all valuable. Stimulating your team with positivity will help to boost everyone’s morale and as a result, you will see them more productive and confident with what they do.


There is no perfect leadership style, but developing skills when everything’s running smoothly will help you react competently when it’s time to face the battle. As a leader, you have to be trustworthy, confident, and courageous when facing adversities. There’s no good in running away from difficulties. Instead, embrace them and make sure to loop your team in. It is your opportunity to be the person and the leader you may have never imagined.


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