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Carrie Benedet Leadership Coaching offers heart-centered leadership by bringing culture, business and education.


Work with Carrie one-on-one or have her come in and lead your team or group. 

Her programs are tailored to meet the needs of the individual or the organisation. They range from one 60-90 Min session or a 12 month program. The work includes immersion techniques which can be held off or on site and the program length can be 6 weeks to 6 months! Carrie uses skills as a Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist, a professional learning development expert and her 20+ years of training in education.

Mindsets for 2030

Global Citizen | Connection

Collaborator | Community

People Chef | Recipe of Humanity & Technology

Explorer | Perpetual Curiosity + Leadership


Skills for 2030

Coach | Self Development

Futurist | Multiple Opportunities

Tech Teenager | Tech Savvy

Translator | Good Communicator

Yoda | Relational Empathy


What are the mindset blocks for leaders in education?


– Why Change what works
– Siloed thinking (ie. local only)
– Dictator (tell what to do / captain)
– Technology is a phase / not relevant
– Know it alls

What are the skillset blocks for leaders in education?

– What are the skillset blocks for leaders in education?
– Teacher vs collaborator
– Past focused / not willing to look at change
(fear of the future / what will I lose?)
– Fear of technology and A.I. (losing their job)
– Not being self aware

The outcomes of developing mindset & skills goals

Greater connection
– Collaborative leadership
– Embracing technology
– More inclusion diversity
– More curiosity to innovate for change
More open to personal development
Better communication with others
Greater empathy and holistic wellness
Open to change
Great productivity
Safe and healthy environment / culture

Carrie’s process is the foundation of all the one-on-one and group work for individuals and organisations.

One on One

6 Best Practices of a Leader Working from Home

Carrie works with Managers, Entrepreneurs and Employees looking for help in:
– Making that next career step 
–  Effectively managing their team
– Changing careers


organisation leadership coaching

Carrie provides up to 6 monthly programs to give organisations a foundation of sustainable leadership by supporting:
– Leadership growth with tools for change
– Innovative strategies to stay future fit
– Sustainable change via accountability


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Carrie holds workshops that help teams:
– Perform better as a team
– Understand each others behaviours
– Amplify leadership potential and practice
– Engage in projects more effectively