How to Inspire Leaders in Your Workplace

How to Inspire Leaders in Your Workplace

It has been said that good leaders are those who develop leaders.  Thriving in the dynamic world of business requires work not just from the employees but also from the leaders.  Modern-day leaders should continuously be creative, and coming up with ways to inspire existing and future leaders in the workplace.  There is no specific formula on how to do this, but there are several ways a leader can be the spark to inspire employees to step up and rise from their current role in the company.

Inspiring leaders in your workplace is not a leader specific task.  But leaders who wish to inspire new leaders, need to focus on what the employees want, need and aspire for.  To inspire leaders in your workplace, you as a leader need to consider several things:

1. Be the Leader that the Employees Want

Employees follow leaders who they respect and like to work with.  A workforce turns out to be more productive when working in an environment with a leader they want to follow.  In a set up where the employees are productive and work well with their leader, inspiration may come easy.  To inspire leaders in your workplace, a leader has to be liked, admired and wanted.  How does one turn into this kind of a leader?  Work with the employees.  Make yourself visible to the workforce and show them that you too are working hard to achieve the company’s mission and vision.  Establish relationships at work and start this by getting to know them.  Hold focus small group discussions where employees get to voice their thoughts and share their challenges and ideas with you and others.  Listening to them is the best foundation for a good working relationship that inspires leaders in your workplace.

2. Give the Employees Room to Grow

As a leader you should seek feedback from your employees on their challenges and their ideas in their work. This open communication brings out the best in your employees.  It helps them by opening doors for opportunities to try and excel in their field of work.  Opportunities to be part of something new and something different.  To inspire leaders in your workplace, a leader must first equip the employees to improve and learn, and provide the best ‘cocoon’ for them to develop and shine so they have the opportunity to become leaders too.  Company ‘spearhead’ projects, where the employees will not only strive to exceed their target and polish their skills, but also gain confidence and realize their strengths,support these upcoming leaders for the future.

3. Always Be Ready

A leader should always be prepared for all outcomes.  There should be contingencies in place, with back up plans and other options depending on the results or output of the program, plan or system.  To inspire leaders from your workforce, they must be encouraged and guided, on being prepared, as well.  Show the employees how to work this way so that they too can take on that mentality and be quick and ready for anything that their jobs may throw at them.  When employees are empowered to share knowledge and ideas, there should be ample options available.  There would be a list of what actions may be taken when things go wrong, and conversely what direction should be taken when things do go our way.  Leaders inspire and bring out this mentality from their employees.  A simple suggestion must be entertained and explored for the employees to feel valued, and to improve, progress and excel in what they do.

4. Be Fun

It is great to come to work and see employees working well, and being lively and cheerful.  We do not want a workforce of robots.  We want our workforce to be alive and brilliant.  They need focus and concentration at work but they also need a break from time to time.  To inspire leaders in your workplace, you also need to be a “fun” leader.  There should always be a balance.  As a leader, you should remember to consider the personal state of mind of your employees.  This is why year-end parties, mid-year conventions, team buildings and monthly or weekly team lunches out are important.  There is also usually an event that includes the family members to join the company’s gathering or parties to celebrate.  This is to keep the balance and well-being of the employees.  Leaders participating in these company hosted events mean a lot to employees.  For in that very moment, days or weeks, the employees see you as an employee too.

Inspiring leaders in your workplace is easy.  Just be yourself, let go of your position and consider yourself an employee too.  Be a role model and make the employees look up to you and want to be you.  This will be their motivation and it will fuel their determination in not just meeting but exceeding expectations at work.  This is how you inspire leaders in your workplace.  Be one of them.   Work with them.

Feel free to email me if you need help in thinking of ways on how to inspire leaders in your organization.

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