Jennifer Kimani – KENYA – Leading A Thriving Team in A Childcare Centre

In the last decade, Kenya has been at the forefront of educational reform amongst countries in Africa. In fact, the World Economic Forum and World Bank ranked Kenya as the top African country for education outcomes in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Through social movements, Kenyans mobilised to create change and this included educational reforms. It is not surprising that the country is being recognised globally because of the quality of education.

Since the 1920s, the Kenyan government put much-needed emphasis on the education sector, funding schools being run by African teachers. Free primary education and Nyayo milk boosted enrollment rates in the 1960s and continued on through the next decades. The rise of the middle and upper class in the 1970s has caused the rise of private schools in the country. Kenyans place a high value on education and more and more parents are willing to spend thousands of dollars to get the best quality education for their children. There are just under six hundred private schools in the country, the number rising year after year.

One of those thriving private schools is Kiota School, which is led by Jennifer Kimani. Jennifer has been in the field of educational administration and management for the last decade and specialises in the Montessori approach. This method of teaching allows Jennifer to create an inclusive educational setting, allowing learners to learn at their own pace and really experience the process of learning, rather than just learning about concepts and abstract ideas. Experiential learning has been proven to be more effective in most learners who prefer a kinesthetic approach to instruction. Self-paced learning also allows students to adjust their learning according to their own capabilities and not feel pressured to follow the pace of others. A learner can focus on his or her own learning and celebrate their own wins and victories, without the pressure of conforming to other’s abilities.

Primary education in Kenya is free and mandatory and the Kiota School has gained a good reputation in the community. It is a thriving childcare centre in Nairobi and it has indeed become a “nest” or a safe place for its students to learn and be nurtured to become well-rounded children. By using a progressive and integrated curriculum, the Kiota School, being led by Jennifer, is able to develop holistic life-long learners. They offer programs that are beyond the classroom such as piano, taekwondo, or ballet. The Kiota School also integrates technology in the curriculum by ensuring that students are versed with using the computer or tablets in their learning. All of these are integrated into the school’s curriculum so that children are prepared to leave the nest and spread their wings to fly, wherever their wings take them.

With Jennifer’s leadership, the Kiota School has become a household name amongst children and parents in Nairobi. Her passion for teaching and educating students shines through in all aspects of the Kiota School. Her fellow teachers, students, and families can attest to the love that Jennifer puts into the school and it is not surprising that she is successfully leading a happy and thriving team in a childcare center.

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