Looking at the Future of Work

The future of work is here.  It began happening yesterday, is still happening today and will continue to happen tomorrow.  This is the reality in the workforce and in the workplace; it’s the reality of working today.  Careers are no longer the linear movement every employee sees when they enter the workforce.  It is diverse and moving faster than expected.  Every company needs to become aware of these changes and put its workforce to the test and make them adapt to these changes.  The workplace needs to be ready with technology, including the workforce. It is the company’s responsibility to provide the necessary tools for its employees to cope with the future of work and succeed.

So what does the future of work look like?  This question has the connotation that the future workplace will be where humans are replaced by robots.  This has been a negative connotation to most, however, as part of the fast-changing workplace, we as members of the workforce, should look at it from a different perspective and get involved in the conversation. and rise above it. The future of work indeed brings about a lot of changes in the industry and the company, and change can be scary – but does not need to be.  Change is a phase and we all need to get through it successfully.  Check out the benefits of these changes to better understand that the future of work is good for us, the workforce, and the company.

1.  Increase in opportunities

New technology is about utilizing artificial intelligence in the workplace.  The future of work is not just about computers, software, and machinery.  Technology opens up opportunities for the workforce as well.  The opportunity that technology brings requires workers to be innovative, creative and passionate and to move with the company in using technology.  As companies begin to grow into a departmental organization, more opportunities arise for positions.  It is essential for new jobs to be geared toward working together in bringing teams in different departments up with the changing times and demands in the industry. People based interpersonal skills will be highly sort after and required.

2.  Success-driven workforce

The future of work brings us the real possibility of working more to our own potential and to keep up with the changing times.  It encourages the employees seek individual development which can be for a promotion, a new position or role in the company or simply to be an expert in their field – another ‘leaf in their laurel’.  This increases the individual’s appetite for improvement and the employees’ self-awareness, particularly regarding their skills.  The desire to improve make employees passionate about what they do at work, for the company.  It makes them conscious of their participation and contribution to the company’s success.  This motivates the employees to check on their performance and work on improving themselves.  This helps the company by facilitating additional training and informative classes.

3.  Thirst for knowledge

Knowing that the industry is diverse and dynamic, the company needs to provide employees with avenues for learning.  The future of work encourages, and promotes learning.  Continuous education adds to the market value of each employee and benefits the company.  Programs are developed depending on the needs of the employees, personally or technically.  These programs are offered to either improve a skill or to take on another role or position in the company.  The leaders in the company provide recommendations and encourage employee participation.  The leaders and the company celebrate the wins of every employee and appreciates their contribution to the company.

4.  Preparation

Preparing for the future of work is a task for every member of the workforce in the company ‘workplace’.  We do not want to be left behind.  We want to catch up with the changes that have occurred, adapt to the changes that have been happening and will happen in the future.  We, the workforce, together with the organisation must equip ourselves with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to be creative and constantly working towards excellent performance.  We take on new technology and analyse and understand its relevance to our company and our jobs.  We embrace changes as they come and positively foresee success.  Preparation is something that should be a continuous ordeal for companies if we want to be able to adapt to what the future of work brings.  It is said that it is better to be prepared than to face the challenges of catching up. 

The future of work can feel scary for most employees in the workforce.  However, the future of work is beneficial in many ways.  As members of the workforce, we as leaders and employees must come together in moving forward in understanding and coming up with plans on how we as a company can cope with the changing times in the industry.  We equip ourselves with the knowledge, the skills and explore opportunities where we as a company can move towards the realisation of our vision and mission.  This makes each employee aware of our potentials and utilises them in succeeding in our goal.

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