How Good Leadership creates positive Learning

Learning is a different experience for each person, and it is the thing that we continuously do as part of our lifelong education. We each learn at various paces, thus setting up the right environment is critical and key for effective learning.

It is why good leadership in the school is essential in creating a positive learning atmosphere. Advocating the right kind of initiatives to encourage learning will make the difference in a students’ education.

More so, displaying positivity from the top, the school leaders, down to the teachers and school staff will aid in fostering the desired optimistic culture. What will help the school principals and teachers to promote positive learning?

Customising learning styles according to each student’s need is essential. Each student requires a different teaching style, as each learns depending on what appeals to or is effective for them. These various approaches will address the emotional and psychological needs of each student, as well as considering their age group and developmental level. Thus, creating the appropriate learning materials and activities will make the students feel they are well taken care of.

Establishing rapport and healthy interpersonal relationships with the students will build a safe and positive classroom environment. Making them feel that they matter and that their educational growth is of utmost importance, will encourage and motivate each student. Greeting and acknowledging them as they arrive in class, asking them how they are, and being genuinely interested in them will also be a good model for them on how to interact with others.

Creating discipline and structure inside the classroom will also exhibit the leadership of the teacher. Setting the “house rules” and expectations will help students to assume the required mindset, and subsequently, the right behaviours. A teacher will want to strike the balance of providing the order inside the classroom, while also allowing individual freedoms of expression and fun.

Listening to their ideas and letting them be creative in their work will also empower them as they learn. A good teacher inspires and coaches his or her students into applying what they have learned and becoming a better version of themselves.

Praising them correctly will also help in building their confidence and elevating their self-esteem. Appreciating their efforts, rather than “praising” them on how good they are, will add to their self-trust without them thinking too highly of themselves. As their hard work gets recognised at the appropriate times, they will value this feedback, and become more inspired to do more and better.

Building the class as a team will help foster harmony and rapport between students. This will also enable them to practice good interpersonal relationships while young, as it prepares them towards adolescence and adulthood. Learning how to help others, being sensitive about others’ feelings, and being mindful of their words and actions will ensure a positive learning environment.

Celebrating wins, however big or small, will teach gratefulness and promote positivity. Acknowledging the improvements of each student and the progress of the class as a whole, will generate and release the endorphins. These “happy chemicals” can relieve all the school stresses and make students feel that their efforts are well worth it.

Carrie Benedet is a seasoned coach and mentor that can help you and your school organisation into achieving good leadership that will build a positive learning environment. Send her a message today.

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