Why Mentoring is Vital for New Teachers

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The Value of Education

In building a more sustainable earth, education is key. To quote Malcolm X, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs for the people who prepare for it today.” Through education, we can create a viable world that comes with strong economies, a resilient culture, and caring societies. It may sound ideal and yes, it can be challenging but attainable. Education plays a valuable part in honing individuals fully informed and equipped with clarity and understanding of how to create an environment that can survive for generations to come. This is the kind of world we wish to live in and leave our children with – a world that’s armed with proper and progressive education that’s supported by compassion and humanity.

The question is…who wields the sword? The answer? Teachers.

We may all have a role to play in the process of creating a better world, but we can all agree that our educators, our teachers, play a vital role in this. The world is changing. We are all evolving but the importance of teachers has remained – they hold the key to successful education.

The role of a teacher, even though it has remained important, has evolved through the years. Gone are the days when their only purpose was to show and tell. The days of the teacher talking and students listening had come to an end. It’s expected to be more nurturing for a teacher today. Students see their teacher as a facilitator who guides them in a fruitful journey of learning. It has become more challenging but agreeably, more empowering.

The new teachers of today hold influence and can wield thispower in a variety of techniques. But just like students, new teachers need guidance too. As they are new and presented with a lot of options, teaching may become overwhelming.

Education is Challenging

Teaching comes with limitations and hurdles too. There’s the scarcity of resources, lack of support from governments, and expectations to meet. New teachers will need guidance and support to accomplish the important task of delivering a meaningful educational experience to achieve what we all dream of, a compassionate and sustainable world. This is where mentoring comes in the picture.

Overwhelmed new teachers may tend to give up on education. This is something that we cannot afford. We need to include mentoring our budding educators in the system to prevent this from happening.

Mentoring is building a relationship between someone who is already experienced in the field with someone who is less experienced. Through the built relationship, the more experienced fellow, the mentor, shares his wisdom to the less experienced, the mentee, with an ultimate objective in mind: build the mentee’s road for success. By providing a support system, the feeling of being alone and ill-equipped, if not fully eliminated, is lessened. A new teacher will have someone to consult with when challenges arise. The new teacher will have a go-to person to reach out to when there are unfamiliar roads to navigate and new ideas to cultivate. The guidance and support that mentoring provides new teachers play a vital role in creating educators who will help us build a sustainable world.


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