What Keeps You Motivated?

We may face this question: ‘what keeps us motivated’? Motivation is one of the most significant qualities employers seek as it directly influences productivity, which is a key element in any business. 

Motivation is a powerful energy. It is something that drives you towards your goal, keeps you determined, and resolute. There are dozens of blogs, articles, and books about motivation &productivity. This post will walk you through how to stay motivated even when things feel like they are falling apart. 

Do you want to know some useful tips for keeping motivated during difficult times, that you can use right now? Motivation is essential in order to achieve our goals. When there is no motivation, there is no action. And nothing can be achieved when there is no action. You need motivation to inspire yourself and others, to achieve your goals and ultimately success.

It is all about understanding what is important for you and what gets you stimulated. When you know how to design a strategy around harnessing this power, you can reach new levels of motivation & achievement. This will also help you constantly improve your performance. 

Do what Turns you On

This probably one of the major factors that will keep you inspired. Your interest in the work has to be genuine. If you do not have the interest in achieving your goal, you will not have the strength to master the many challenges that will come up along the way. Make sure you choose a path that interests you, and keeps you inspired to get through the good times and the bad.

Have One Goal at a Time

Nothing dampens inspiration as much as having a cluttered mind which prevents you from seeing your true purpose. Do not try to save the whole world at the same time or do multiple tasks at the same time. Focus on one aspiration at a time so you can give it your full attention and full potential. 

Develop a Roadmap

There is no real progress without well thought out strategy. To keep a strong commitment to your idea, you have to be focused and set benchmarks as you navigate through the course of your aim. As long as you are moving towards your set goals, you should certainly remain motivated and committed.

Stick to your Commitment

How often have we started a new diet, but ended up celebrating with a slice of cake? We need to make realistic commitments and stick to them. It is great to have checkpoints along the way to see how you are going, and reassess your plan. Create a schedule but be flexible. Achieving to your goals becomes easier when you have a planned framework. When we have a definite but flexible plan, holding onto our goals becomes way easier.

While it is important to achieve your goals, it is also important to be kind to yourself. Give yourself some space to act positively so you also feel happy and maintain your motivation for future growth.

Carrie Benedet is a leadership coach & has written many blogs & articles on improving your leadership style. You can check more of her posts on https://www.carriebenedet.com/.  

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