How to Embrace Change Like an Old Change


Why is change scary?

People resist change for several reasons. But, if we are, to sum up, all the reasons why people find accepting change as a difficult task, it boils down to one thing. People fear the unknown.

Fear is a powerful thing. That’s why it’s difficult to battle. And since change comes with fear, it is a challenge to wholeheartedly accept change when it knocks at our door, and that’s even when it is offering something wonderful and potentially beneficial.

The concept of change usually comes with the intent of making things better, but it can also come with the risk of failure, adjustments, and discomfort. When change is taking place, we disrupt a routine that our system is already used to. When change is offered, there are benefits we have to say goodbye to and habits we have to unlearn. These are the reasons why change is a scary venture for most of us.

Understand Change

They say that change is the only constant in this world. And that is true. Change is happening all the time, everywhere, to everyone. And if this is the case, one is best to learn not to be afraid of change so that one does not live in fear. The best way to battle the fear that comes with change is by understanding change. Why the change is happening, what it’s for, how will it benefit us? These are some of the questions that need to be answered so that change can be a lot easier to accept.

Discovering any rationale that comes with change makes situations a lot better and clearer. By doing so, any resistance can be minimised and trust can be built in the process of change, so that rather than fearing the change, the promise of improvement through change can be built. People become more accepting of change once cards are laid down properly and with transparency.

Whether it is you who is presenting change or you’re the one on the receiving end, it is necessary to go through the process of understanding change so welcoming it becomes possible.

Welcome Change

Once you understand the value that change can bring, it will be much easier to welcome it. The question here is how you get to that moment where you can welcome change like an old friend. But this will not happen overnight. It will take practice and a lot of courage.

Here are some steps that you’ll need to take so you can welcome change like an old friend.

    • Accept the fact that change is here to stay. Change is the only constant in this world. It will greet you as you sip your breakfast coffee while checking your emails. It will say hi as you watch the news. It will make its presence felt as you look at your reflection in the mirror. It’s never going to leave.


    • When change knocks at your door. Take a deep breath, ask, and listen. As already mentioned, change happens all the time. When you have a powerful urge to resist change, take deep breaths, and calm yourself. Then, ask questions with an open mind. Ask questions in the hope to understand and not attack. And when answers a laid on the table, listen not to build your counterargument, but to understand.


    • Give change a chance. The room for failure will always be there. Failure should not stop us from improving and growing. Change also brings improvement and growth. So, once you’ve understood what change is for and what it could bring, give change a chance.


    • Participate in the process of change. Join the advocacy and apply the change. As you go along, see how effective it is or which areas can be improved. Surely, there will be bumps along the way but it should not stop you from integrating yourself into the process because for one, you are part of the change and you are the change whether you like it or not.

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