Experiencing Self-Doubt? Here are Ways to Increase Your Confidence

Experiencing Self-Doubt? Here are Ways to Increase Your Confidence

There are good days and bad days in everyone’s life. Days when we feel absolutely awesome and on top of it all, and others when it seems like we have hit rock bottom, far from the real rock star that we are. These ups and downs are normal. It happens to us all. When we are down, however, we should not let these rough patches turn into the agony of self-doubt and depression. Most of us try our best to brush it off and try to look at the situation from a different perspective to find our way through.

Some people find it hard to regain confidence and let go of their self-doubt. During these times, there are ways by which we can increase our confidence and be our awesome selves again. Here are five (5) ways to increase your confidence.

1. Cherish Yourself

When dark clouds hover – we can overcome self-doubt by cherishing ourselves more. We look at our potentials and strengths and highlight them. We still can work on our weaknesses to improve, but instead, we focus on our strengths. We start by working on our thoughts making sure we see our wins and successes. Believe in ourselves. This is very important when we experience self-doubt because, at the end of the day, it is just us. We cherish ourselves.

2. Stop Comparing

Self-doubt occurs when we overlook our success and just see other people’s wins. Everybody has a hint of competitiveness in us; however, we must not let it get the best of us. We should always STOP comparing our achievements with that of the others. Everybody in this world was born unique and we must always remember this. Another person may be better than you in a sport or a hobby, but that does not mean you are not good at something else. Stop comparing yourself to others. Remember that you need to believe in yourself before anyone else so others will believe in you.

3. Never Get Stuck In Your Mistakes

Nobody is perfect. We may make a mistake, but when we do, we should not dwell on them, potentially getting trapped and no longer productive. When you make a mistake, it does not mean you have failed. Mistakes are just as important for us just as successes are. When we make mistakes, we are reminded that there are things we need to assess. We can still improve, make a change, and definitely, succeed with the help of these learnings. A mistake is just a hiccup in our lives, it does not define us. We can still correct our mistakes by retracing our actions, evaluating our decisions, and planning differently.

4. Work on Improving

When we doubt ourselves, we should then open ourselves to finding ways of improving. After assessing our actions, decisions, and options, we can come up with ways to improve our process in the future. We learn from our self-assessment and determine what our best course of action is to change and improve. We can educate ourselves, take courses, and go to classes to be more knowledgeable. We can also be mentored by an expert and shadow in their progress. We can also practice – there is truth in the saying, “practice makes perfect.”

5. Be Around People Who Listen

When at times we find ourselves doubting our capabilities, it would be good to talk about it. Not to seek advice but sometimes, just for somebody to listen to us. It has been effective to be around friends and family when we hit episodes of self-doubt. Simply because these are the people who know us and believe in us. They do not need to say anything, they can simply listen. Listen to our statements about how we doubt ourselves. And at times, these friends and family may mention something, an incident, or a decision or an action that we did that can make us feel good. It helps to be around people who care.

Even rock stars have bad days. This is what we should always remember when we experience bouts of self-doubt. That we cannot always be winners – that there may be days when we will make mistakes and fail. We may fail but we should always remember that we are not a failure when we fall -we can always bounce back and get back on track and be a better version of ourselves. There is always a way, we just need to look deep inside our potentials and rise from the self-doubt.

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