6 Key Challenges That Stops You from Succeeding

6 Key Challenges That Stops You from Succeeding

Life’s difficulties are inevitable, but we should consider these challenges as opportunities in our lives. Out of the difficult times, growth and transformation can evolve. Facing challenges head-on can bring a sense of satisfaction and can be very fulfilling. While some people meet challenges with confidence, others seem to struggle to overcome it. This can be caused by some bad habits that keep them from succeeding.

Here are the things that you need to overcome for you to succeed and reach your goals.

Overcoming Fear – Every one of us has experienced the emotion of fear. It is a strong feeling that might hinder you to reach your goal. At some point, we may feel unworthy of success because of our limitations. Some have the tendencies to be more fearful when presented with something unknown, while others are curious about it. The most successful salespeople have boundless curiosity because curiosity gives them the power to push through uncertainty and ask tough questions. Invoke your curiosity, face your fears, and don’t let it stand in your way.

Inconsistency – One of the key causes of poor performance is inconsistency. Sometimes when presented with a repeated situation, a different approach doesn’t work. For you to grow, you must commit yourself to your plan and create structure around your habits. Consistency leads to habits. Habits form part of the actions we take every day. Action leads to success and consistency is the key to success.

Not focused – We all lose our focus sometimes. It’s inevitable. The key question is, what do you do to get your focus back? Sometimes, the problem with those who are walking a path is that they walk a ‘noisy’ path. Inspiration from the outside world is hugely important, and with a structured lifestyle, these can contribute to innovation, and change. However, as there are so many temptations all around us, you need to remember that without focus, it’s extremely difficult to achieve success. Therefore, be prepared with a plan to bring yourself back into line if it happens at any point in your life.

High expectations – Stop expecting so much. It’s a destructive behaviour that can bring disappointment in your life. You expect things to turn out in a certain way, you expect people to behave like you imagine them to, and whenever that doesn’t work out, you feel upset and lose any motivation to act. So, drop these perfect scenarios that you play in your head, and accept that life is not always predictable, and often throws us ‘curve balls’. But meanwhile, keep doing what you know is right.

Toxic People –Have you ever encountered people whose behaviour has a negative impact on you? People, who leave you feeling drained and frustrated? These people are often considered toxic. These people are a challenge to success because they take your energy and focus away from your goals and give you little in return. Cut these people out of your life. If you let the opinions of others affect you, it can really hinder your success. We tend to get a certain amount of our own confidence from the input and opinions of other people, but we must keep it in perspective.  

Excuses – You may often hear yourself say some of the following: I’m not ready; It’s not the right time; I’m not good enough; I don’t have enough money/time/experience; Maybe I’m not meant to do it; It’s too hard; or else. When that happens, stop and reflect on why you’re saying this. Realise that your mind is tricky and prefers to stay in its comfort zone, that is, doing the same old activities and tasks on autopilot, and not try anything new. That’s why your brain is making up all these excuses, and it can often sound quite convincing. Your job is to eliminate them, to even exaggerate them, and see how ridiculous they sound. Because if you choose to believe them, you’ll never do anything different with your life and will never see the things you desire come true.

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