3 Reasons Why You Should Dress Like a Leader

3 Reasons Why You Should Dress Like a Leader

Dressing for success is a phrase we all have heard before. If you want to be taken seriously in business, dress like a leader because you need to dress in a way that gives others confidence in you. As a leader, it is particularly important for you to inspire confidence and to influence others. By dressing well, you can lead by example.

What does dressing like a leader mean? Is it wearing a suit like a uniform so you demand respect from your team? A true leader doesn’t demand respect with what they wear. It has to come from who they are. If someone has the right attitude they can motivate others through their spirit and confidence. What you wear can give you confidence in yourself. Of course, when working in an office requires one to dress in an appropriate way, but your personal style will come out in what you wear. What you wear communicates a lot about you, and how you value yourself.

Psychological Projection

Leaders are a psychological projection of people’s expectations of what a leader should be. Some people relate to a Mark Zuckerberg style of leader; some to Henry Ford, while others to Jeff Bezos. They all dress differently and are distinct personalities. 

People project their self-image as leaders and people will follow people who they can relate to or a leader with a common attitude. This isn’t restricted to what they wear or how they look like, rather on how they project themselves.


There is much literature and research that confirms that being genuine, is the best accessory… it is far better than what you wear or look like. Being comfortable and confident in your wardrobe is essential to your ‘showing up’. Effective leaders will know how to dress for their audience.

There is a relationship between perceived power and action which can be seen in how you dress. Dressing like a boss will often reflect a particular paradigm or status point. Choose your professional attire to suit your clientele and the values of the organization. Be aware of the effect your attire can have on perception and engagement.

Look Sharp, Be Sharp

It is not just senior leaders that need to look the part. If you want others to see you as a leader, you should dress and act like a leader. If you want others to take you more seriously, you should conduct yourself in an authentic manner.

To get what you want, you need to respect yourself first, acknowledge challenges, on task and focused, and find the right solutions. 

Research confirms that the clothing you select and wear can alter how you feel but it cannot change who you are. Summing up, leadership comes with confidence, spirit, acceptance of responsibility, and living up to that responsibility. Dressing well can help you look the part, and more importantly feel the part.

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