Why a Leadership Coach Should Never Stop Learning

Why a Leadership Coach Should Never Stop Learning

Learning is inevitable as they say, however, a lot of leaders knowledge can plateau as they become more confident in their roles, which is exactly the reason why we need to discuss why a Leadership Coach should never stop learning.

Have you ever been led by someone who you can clearly tell that they are not ready to lead? This is usually the case for first time business owners. One of the signs that a person is not ready to lead is when they start acting like they ‘know-it-all’. The fact is, we do not know everything! To lead a group of people is a continual learning process, that all leaders need to understand this, and go through this process to succeed. For a leader to say that they do not need to learn, would certainly cause chaos and confusion. Here are the reasons why I think a leadership coach should never stop learning:

1. They Become Great Motivators

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, once said, “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who will empower others.” What powerful words! Personally, I find that leaders who are great at motivating others are those who had gone through a lot. They can speak and give advice through personal experience. They are great motivators because they’ve been there, they know what it’s like to be at the bottom.

I’ve been to a conference recently and I always thought that people who are successful have everything together. Boy, was I wrong! They talked about how they strived to learn, how they made time to learn and how the learning impacted their lives. They themselves are hungry for knowledge at the top of their success, which makes them great motivators for us to reflect on ourselves, and which parts of ourselves we need to improve on.

2. They Become Role Models

“Leaders are more powerful role models when they learn more than when they teach” said Rosabeth Moss Kantor. When a leader shows great interest and passion to learn, people around them tend to want the same thing. People look up to others who are not afraid to take risks and learn from that risk.

The CEO of a local company called DesignCrowd in Sydney still enrols himself to different management courses to upgrade his skills, attends different conferences to listen to hear what other leaders has to say. People in his organisation admire him on how he was able to achieve such success in his early 30’s but more on how he’s done everything to be the best leader he can ever be for his employees.

3. To Pass on A Legacy

What you learn can be your most powerful weapon to cultivate a culture of change and openness. Being a Leader is not just to learn individually, but to also help others to learn through, and with you. You pass on a legacy by seeing other people succeed through you. If you create a group of leaders, then you already are passing on your legacy.

A leader’s downfall is when they think that they no longer need to learn. Great leaders never stop learning. If you’re hungry to learn more, you can check my Leadership Starter 6-week program that will help you step up your Leadership Game.

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