What It Means To Be Heart-Centred


We are not born evil. By nature, we are made of beautiful things like kindness, compassion, hope, love and so much more! These things are embedded within us since the beginning of time. As we grow, we encounter incidents in our lives that may hurt us. Most of us conclude that kindness, compassion, hope, or love, the very same things that make us good, can sometimes hurt us too. This can lead us to build a wall around our hearts and at some point, putting the things that make us good in a dungeon where they are silenced. Then, we tend to forget these core values that make us good in the first place.

It sounds like a fairy-tale story of how a protagonist came to be but if we are ready to dig down deeper, and search for who we are, we will find out the truth – that it is good in all of us. Finding our true selves is what living a heart-centred life is all about.

A heart-centred human being is all about finding one’s true self. It’s about understanding what you truly value as a person. It’s about accepting what makes you happy and living around and within it. It’s about being self-aware and having trust and respect for one’s self. It’s about rediscovering the beautiful things in you and finding out that these things make your inner strength. Then it extends to understanding others better. Because now that you know who you are and what makes you, you, you will see things differently and find yourself more inviting, accepting…less judgemental, less suspicious.

Once you’ve decided to live a heart-centred life, you will rediscover many things about yourself and be surprised by how a deeper awareness of yourself, makes you a stronger person. When we live a heart-centred life, we can become better leaders, better members of the community, better partners, and pretty much a better version of ourselves.

Effective leaders show compassion and kindness. Enigmatic members of the community bring hope and inspiration. Reliable partners proactively extend a helping hand. A better person listens with an open mind in the hopes of understanding and not judging. A person who lives heart-centred life values, makes lives better, not for personal gain, but for the people around them and their personal growth. A beautiful feeling of goodness and self-assurance and a sense of fulfilment is what can spring from this journey.

This is the first step in creating positive change in our lives. Living a heart-centred life is about leaving a life that’s maneuvered by ego. When we start living a heart-centred life, we say goodbye to fear, self-loathing, self-deception, anxiety, stress, and many other negative things. Once we have fully reached the better version of ourselves free of these negativities, we can truly create a positive impact on the world in which we live.

Reaching that point in our lives where we can say with authenticity that we are living a heart-centred life is the moment we can start effectively and fully extend positive energy to the people around us. This is when we can truly make a difference in the world.

Living a heart-centred life is something we truly have and live by. After all, if you are a teacher, it is essential to be self-aware and have the positive core values that you can demonstrate and share with your students.

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