What is Grit in Leadership?

What is Grit and How Does It Help Us as a Leader?

Have you heard what grit in leadership is or in general, how does grit help you as a person? Many of us may not have encountered the word grit and may not know what it means. Here is a basic definition of grit from Wikipedia, it is a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual’s perseverance of effort combined with the passion for a long-term goal or end state. It is a powerful motivation to achieve an objective. Angela Duckworth, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, suggests that grit is a strong predictor of success and it is the ability to achieve one’s plans. She defines grit as a passion and perseverance to achieve long term and meaningful goals. It combines resilience, and self-control in the pursuit of goals that take months, years, or even decades. Grit is resolve and stamina that is kept up for cycles. It promotes mental toughness in every realm of life. Duckworth had been involved in a lot of research about grit. One of her studies revealed that contenders in the National Spelling Bee defeat their peers not because of IQ, but because of their grit and commitment to more consistent practice.

What is grit in leadership and how does it help in your organisation?

Recent studies reveal that grit plays a more important role than anything else for achieving your goals in career, business, health, and your outlook in everyday life as a leader. 

What is Grit in Leadership?

1. Mental Toughness

In every area of growth, from your training to your profession to your health, it is your amount of grit or mental toughness, and determination that foretells your level of achievement more than any other determinant we can find. It is like having more to this recipe for success. Having grit is beneficial in achieving your goals, it is important because it becomes a driver of achievement and successindependent of and beyond what skill and knowledge provide. 

2. Perseverance

We may have the talent, abilities, and expertise to continue our goals but without the determination, resilience, and perseverance to pursue it, success may not be met. The good news is, grit is something that can be taught and learned. It can be practised daily to allow us to thrive and develop the ability to persevere. You see, having the talent and being smart is exceptional but without grit, it may just become an unmet potential. It is, therefore, important because it is your key to success.

3. Character

It will allow you to pursue your goals by developing the characteristics that you need to reach success, such as self- control, resilience, and determination. In Duckworth’s research, grit will be able to predict how many salespeople will most likely sell more products, how many cadets will not drop out, how many students will do well in a spelling bee or how many students will finish college or university. It is a determinant of success, that is why it is essential to have grit in pursuing your goals.

We may have the capacity and capability to reach our intentions but without grit, failure may just be around the corner. Success can be more realistic once we develop grit as a part of our leadership skills and possess the characteristics needed in pursuing our goals. 

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