Power Of Prioritisation

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Life is busy. Most of us have endless things to do and with all the craziness of life, having to be able to recognise which task should be done first is great to have – this is the power of prioritisation. 

Here are some tips that we have consolidated to make your prioritisation easier: 

1. Create a to-do list. When you do create one, choose an effective way on how you’d be able to manage this list. Some write it down on a piece of paper like a checklist, some purchases a calendar board and write what tasks needed to be done that day and some use online task management system like Trello or Asana that will send notifications on their phone when a task is due.  

2. Organise the task based on when they’re due. This is a common mistake for some folks. After creating a to-do list, they just do whatever is easier first regardless of the deadline. If you have a very complicated task that is due in the next 2 days, choose to do that first over a task that only needed to be done with a copy and paste due after 7 days. Complex tasks take time to finish and if you are someone like me who does not like procrastinating, then deal with those tasks first no matter what. 

3. Plan ahead. Now that you have your to-do list and your deadlines, you can go and plan your tasks a month ahead. Which tasks are needed to be done on a daily basis, a fortnightly or monthly basis? Being able to have a schedule helps you develop a routine that will work for you and your family.  

4. Follow through. It is not enough that your to-do list was just written down. Yes, just doing the 3 tips mentioned will already make you feel accomplished but you also have to follow through. This means stick to your task list, stick to the due dates, and stick to your plan. It’s known that if you continue doing so within 21 days, it will become a habit. So, make it a habit. Trust us, it will definitely make your life easier. 


80% of the things you’ve achieved comes from 20% of the tasks you’ve done. Use your time wisely and prioritise accordingly. If you need help with prioritisation, you can always reach out to us by clicking here. 

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