Reasons Why Listening Is part of your Leadership Journey


Everyone of us goes through a leadership journey. This leadership journey is personal and at the same time, social. Going through a leadership journey entails self-assessment and some enlightenment. This journey is not only about you or your position or company. One realises that it is more of a dialogue you do to further understand the leadership that you are going through.

Listening is an integral part of your leadership journey. This is because in going through this journey, it is not just about you or your opinion. It should be a two-way street. You speak, they listen. You listen when they speak. Unless this is done, nothing good will come out of your leadership journey.

Looking closely, here are reasons why listening is a part of your leadership journey:

1.  Listening allows you to adapt – During the assessment part of one’s leadership journey, self-assessment is crucial. However, listening to feedback from people around you matters a lot too. This is because you only see yourself from your point of view. When you listen to people around you, you realise how you are to people around you. Other people’s feedback is like a mirror that you check out when you walk out the door. Being aware of other people’s opinions helps you adapt to the leadership.

2.  Listening inspires you – Getting other people’s perspective is important. In going through a leadership journey, what you know matters, what you have to say or do matters a lot. However, listening to other people’s perspective is equally important. Other people’s input is what makes your leadership journey worth looking forward to. You always have an opportunity to become a better version of you.

3.  Listening helps you understand – Listening during your leadership journey helps you to understand the changes you are going through. And understanding the reason behind the leadership, the means on how to go through a leadership, and envisioning the outcome of the leadership makes the leadership smooth and fruitful. There is a saying that knowing is half the battle – it is true because understanding the “why” for the battle makes going through it easier than usual. Understanding the need for the leadership journey by listening gives more sense to the leadership.

4. Listening motivates you – when you listen to other people’s thoughts and suggestions, it can motivate you. Listening motivates you to go through the leadership journey with an open mind and willingness to come out renewed. Just like a caterpillar going through a metamorphosis to become a beautiful butterfly, leadership journey is you working on coming out to be a better version of yourself.

The leadership journey is something that all of us go through at one point in time. Every time you guide or influence others you are leading. When carrying out your work, in a professional manner you are inspiring others and leading by example. Now is a good time to take a break and pause from all the craziness going on in our lives and focus on renewal. It is like hitting a reset button. It is healthy to understand oneself and listen to what other people say. Listening opens one’s mind to understanding situations better, knowing the reasons behind the leadership journey, and realising how to get from good to great, to awesome!

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