5 Tips to Improve Your Self-awareness


Why do you need to improve your self-awareness? Well, have you ever found yourself constantly defending yourself against other people? Or when things go wrong, is there always someone else to blame? If someone gives you feedback, do you happily accept it or do you feel defensive, even going as far as finding faults towards the person who gave you the feedback? If you answered yes to any of these, it might be time to start working on self-awareness.

What exactly is self-awareness and why do we need to be self-aware? Self-awareness is the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively. This can be done through self-reflection and introspection. A self-aware person is able to evaluate himself and his emotions, and how these affect others’ perception of you. It is important to be self-aware to resolve any internal conflicts and form good relationships with others.

To achieve this, we have put together 5 quick tips to improve your self-awareness:

1 – Start with the good

List down your strengths – it can be those things that you know that you are good at, and those things that other people say you are good at. Sometimes, it’s easy to brush off compliments. Sometimes, we may think we are pretty good at something. It’s good practice to take note of each one and carefully evaluate yourself objectively.

2 – Don’t brush off the bad

It’s no fun to talk about your weaknesses as self-preservation is a strong instinct. But accepting our weaknesses is vital to becoming more self-aware. It is important to realise that no person is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. It is how you face these mistakes and how you improve them that defines you as a person.

3 – Change the way you look at things

As mentioned previously, self-preservation is in our instinct. Thus, when we feel threatened, it is natural to put our defenses up. Unfortunately, this impedes self-awareness. It is important to change the way you look at things. Improve your self-awareness by instead of looking at feedback as an attack, look at it as an opportunity to improve yourself.

4 – Know your emotional triggers

The road to self-awareness is a hard one. You need to face deep-seated issues that can cause emotional turmoil inside oneself. Thus, it is totally okay to feel upset and be emotional. What’s important is to catch yourself when you start feeling upset and emotional so you can regulate these feelings. Know your emotional triggers and practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

5 – You are your #1 cheerleader

There are times that you’ll feel defeated and your spirits deflated. Do not give up. You should be your biggest cheerleader. Motivate yourself and believe that you can improve yourself to re-establish your own identity. To have a good harmonious relationship with others, you need to address first any issues within yourself.

The fact that you are reading this article shows that you are committed to a better version of yourself. Do not stop with these 5 tips to improve your self-awareness. Give time for meditation and work on yourself daily. It takes time and effort to become self-aware. Be assured, all your efforts will be worth it towards the end. Not only will you have better relationships towards others, you’ll also find happiness from within.


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