5 Best Leadership Advice From Leadership Experts

Leaders who have been leading teams for a long time have tried and tested plenty of leadership methods and styles. They have gathered extensive training and years of experiences that makes them experts already in leadership practises. Thus, as leadership experts, they are in the best position to pass on these important pieces of knowledge to those in the succession line.

Leadership is all about motivating and influencing people to achieve common targets and objectives. An effective leadership has been the centre of various workplace strategies and plans and is key to the success of an organisation.

What are some of the best leadership tips from various leadership experts? Here are five:

Leadership Tip #1: Foster a good level of emotional intelligence

Being self-aware and able to self-manage is a critical component of leadership. A leader has to determine how they come across to others and admit what they need to change in themselves in order to become better leaders. Being emotionally intelligent brings all the benefits of developing sensible and quality leadership and thus avoids the “traditional” type that leads people through fear or blame.

Leadership Tip #2: Empower the team

A good leader recognises that he or she doesn’t know everything, thus they admit that they can learn from others, especially from the subject matter experts in their teams. Gathering their inputs as the experts in their fields and merging ideas will bring about convergence and better decision-making. Giving the team the autonomy to plan and implement their work within their allowed boundaries will empower them and subsequently develop their skills over time, rather than spending time micromanaging them.

Leadership Tip #3: Adaptability to change

As the world changes rapidly and is largely dynamic, a leader must model the right behaviour of being able to adjust and adapt to change. Exuding comfort despite the uncertainties or difficulties of adapting to the effects of change will definitely help in coming up with effective and sound decisions. Showing confidence especially when under pressure will surely refine leadership qualities. 

Leadership Tip #4: Establish authenticity

People can sense a leader’s sincerity and genuineness; thus a leader has to make sure that he or she exudes authenticity. Expressions of appreciation will only mean something if a leader means it. Authenticity also establishes integrity and fairness across the team, encourages openness and fosters “courageous conversations”. With the team knowing that you are open to ideas will initiate those important discussions and initiate critical improvements and decisions.

Leadership Tip #5: Show your human side

Showing empathy and genuine interest in your team members will showcase your “human” side. People would like to see that you are “one of them”, rather than someone who is far away and emotionally detached. A leader doesn’t necessarily have to be too close or too personal, as work boundaries will also have to remain clear and well established. However, asking your team members how they are doing through one-on-one conversations, having a chat with them to get to know them better, or simply knowing their names, will lead to better team rapport and dynamics.

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